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The decisions you make every day have a broad impact. And you operate in an ever-changing environment where you must optimize performance, compliance, and budgets without sacrificing high standards in throughput or patient care.’s AI-powered, decision intelligence solutions enable leaders in healthcare and life sciences to virtually assess and optimize the impact and efficacy of decisions before they are made. Our solutions have been trusted for decades by healthcare, life sciences, and consulting organizations to visualize current practices, analyze potential process and policy changes, and plan future service lines and strategic direction.

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Meet Competing
Demands with Ease

For life science organizations, our ProModel® data analytics and modeling are being used to accelerate the drug development and manufacturing processes, streamline supply chains, improve the quality and efficiency of clinical trials, and widen the scope of predictive medicine. 

For healthcare providers, ProModel® delivers an easy, quantifiable, and reusable method for extremely accurate scenario planning, forecasting, implementation, and throughput management. Use FutureFlow Rx® and MedModel®, powered by ProModel®, to help you meet the needs of physicians, nurses, support staff, administrators, and above all, the care and concerns of the patients being treated.  

ProModel® works for Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Test ideas in a virtual environment before implementation
  • Shorten time to market for pharmaceuticals
  • Meet lab, clinic, and healthcare throughput performance objectives
  • Minimize risk while optimizing output 
  • Reduce margin of error

Using our predictive and prescriptive simulation solutions, you can be confident you are making the right decisions when it matters most.

We provide powerful AI-powered, decision intelligence solutions to optimize:

  • Hospital Patient Flow and Bed Management
  • Biomanufacturing Operations and Complex Processes
  • Diagnostic Testing Throughput
  • Laboratory Process Improvement
  • Facility Design
  • Transition Planning
  • Hospital Staffing Requirements
  • Equipment Planning
  • Hospital Emergency Preparedness
  • Future Planning

FutureFlow Rx®

Make operational and strategic decisions for your environment.

FutureFlow Rx® creates a digital twin of your environment, providing you with a continuously-updating solution that predicts likely futures and provides corrective action options.

Learn how hospitals can use predictive analytics and digital twins to improve surge plan modeling.

Our powerful
patient flow predictive analytics solution
helps you:

  • Improve admission, discharge, and transfer decisions
  • Proactively plan for staff & schedule changes
  • Provide an early warning system for census & capacity
  • Provide actionable “what-if” analysis capabilities


Accurately test scenarios and reduce risk.

We designed MedModel® specifically for the healthcare industry to evaluate, plan, and design improvements to both system-wide patient flow and healthcare processes within key, high-volume and high-revenue areas. 

MedModel® AI software enables healthcare professionals to evaluate, plan, and implement improvements to both system-wide patient flow and care processes in critical, high-volume, high-revenue areas, such as:

  • Hospital Patient Flow
  • LOS (Length of Stay) Reduction
  • Hospital Staffing and Scheduling
  • Hospital Bed Management
  • Hospital Emergency Preparedness

Process Simulator (PCS)

Easily create digital twins where healthcare delivery and life sciences workflows and processes can be tested and refined.

PCS installs as an add-in to Microsoft Office Visio®, allowing you to seamlessly create and run simulation models inside Visio. It is a simple, predictive, productivity improvement tool that has the potential to change your future.

Transform static flowcharts and workflow diagrams into dynamic simulation models
of your hospital processes.

  • Identify workflow bottlenecks
  • Design and test new processes and workflows
  • Increase throughput for patient flow in hospitals and clinics
  • Understand the impact of resources and new equipment in your workflow
  • Test contingency plans and new service lines before you implement them
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