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Our leadership team has a combined 50 years experience across the industry including software design, engineering, and platform development.

Frank Porcelli Chief Executive Officer

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Brian Levy President & Chief Technology Officer

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Thuy Le Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

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In 2008, we started out as a small IT firm with a mission to provide our customers with the most cost effective and cutting edge information technology solutions.

Today, our purpose has found itself to be bigger than the IT shop of 2008. It’s what we do each and every day to help transform your big data into information as cost effective and fast as possible. This allows our customers to gain knowledge and an understanding of their data better and faster than ever before. It’s helping people make sense of their data.


Founded in 2008 with a mission to provide our customers with the most cost effective and cutting edge IT solutions through open innovation and industry collaboration.

Launches 'Cache the World' GIS and map visualization services for Department of Defense. Generated entire globe of optimized worldwide map tiles in a 2000 machine computing cluster.

GeoCache 1.0 is released - a ground breaking data appliance enabling high speed, mission critical dissemination of worldwide satellite imagery and maps for disconnected environments.


GeoCache 2.0 dataset grows to over 40 TB of imagery and open source maps spanning the globe. Becomes the fastest and largest geospatial data appliance available on the market.


OpenSGI provides asset tracking and preventive maintenance of cell tower sites to improve efficiency and networks for leading telecommunications provider.


OpenSGI develops secure and private cloud platform for low cost, big data computing and analytics.


GeoCache 3.0 provides real-time, scalable, dynamic computing for massive amounts of satellite imagery, vector maps, and open source data. Content for GeoCache doubles again, with nearly 80 terabytes of maps.


Milestone achievement in processing human DNA in under half a day for biotech scientists and organizations. BigBear improves processing time by 80% when performing human genome assembly.


Big Data & Computing algorithms for Geospatial, Biotech & LifeSciences, and Social Media.


Awarded $11M Department of Defense contract for spatial analysis, software engineering and open source data.


BigBear, Inc. launches to help people make sense of big data.