Our Culture

At BigBear.ai, we believe our people are our strongest asset in delivering clarity for the world’s most complex decisions.

BigBear.ai at a Glance

At BigBear.ai, we are proud of our people-first work environment. We offer the services, programs, and tools our employees need to balance their work and personal commitments. We care about the mission, and we care about our people.

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Our Values

  • Boldness: Be innovative and courageous
  • Respect: Invest in people, relationships, and culture
  • Integrity: How our results are achieved matters
  • Transparency: Open and honest communication is critical
  • Excellence: Relentless pursuit of quality and innovation

Hear from BigBear.ai CEO,
Mandy Long, on what it takes for a
company, team, and individual
to be successful.

Growth for Every Team Member

We foster personal and professional growth for every team member by investing in training, conferences, tuition reimbursement, and certification preparation.

Our team members have earned:

  • 500+ University Degrees
  • 400+ Professional Licenses and Certifications

Looking for career agility? We offer an internal mobility program that has enabled more than 25% of our open positions to be filled by existing employees.

team member celebrates in the workplace

Our Employee Resource Groups

Our team members have access to multiple ERGS that build a strong community, provide access to leading industry
experts, and deliver opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Empowers women to advance
their careers and celebrate their
accomplishments within the
company, community, and

Command Post

Dedicated to helping veteran
employees navigate the vast
array of veteran services,
benefits, and the transition from
uniform to civilian life

Advisory Committee

Holds leadership accountable to
our core values and provides
feedback on programs and
policies impacting employees

Our Personal Touch

We take work-life balance one step further with work-life fulfillment. We offer the services, programs, and tools our employees need to balance their work and personal commitments while also providing activities and opportunities to energize.


Cutting-Edge Work
with a Purpose

Social Events &


Referral Bonus
(1/3 of new-hires)

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